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Taking things at face value.
When faced with many choices, the Evil Creature of Light usually chooses the most useless option.

Favourite cartoon character: Rei Kon, Link, Morita-senpai
Personal Quote: Nyaa...
Jos olet kiinnostunut tilaamaan korujani, katso Gallery -> Jewellery, ja lähetä tilauksesi nerokkaasti kryptattuun osoitteeseen relrla.ruppralar (miukumauku) hotmrail. com . R:t pois ja yleinen sähköpostiin kuuluva merkki (miukumaukun) tilalle, ni pitäisi tulla perille.
If you're interested in ordering some jewellery, check my gallery and it's Jewellery-folder and send a message to this crypted address: relrla.ruppralar (miukumauku) hotmrail. com . Just take the r's away and substitute (miukumauku) with the usual symbol for e-mail, and I should be able to receive your order.


Got tagged by Itsemurhapupu . I don't want to tag anybody so I won't post the rules or my own questions or anything. I'm boring like that. Feel free to answer these same questions if you want, though.

:iconitsemurhapupu: 's Questions:

1. What's the best action movie you ever have seen?
2. Does any particular smell bring you vivid memories?
3. What's your favourite form of exercise?
4. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
5. When do you feel creative?
6. What is your opinion of slash fiction?
7. How about Japanese pop culture (music, live action etc.)
8. How do you feel about spicy food?
9. Are you a morning person?
10. What's your spirit animal?

1. I don't really watch action movies... Does X-Men - First Class qualify?
2. There are so many... The smell of this one birch-shampoo reminds me of the summer of 2004 and the house in which I have currently lived for the longest and sauna and rain. I love that smell. The smell of smoke has strong attachments to it, too.
3. Swimming, martial arts and cycling.
4. Being able to communicate with plants and make them grow at will or setting anything I want on fire. Or are these considered more as magical powers?
5. When I'm reading something or when I'm just about to fall asleep.
6. None of my business.
7. As in every country, there are great things and not-so-great things. But, the weeaboo I am, I'm better aquainted with it than almost any other country's pop culture. So two of my favourite music artists are Japanese, I love many manga and am very likely to borrow a book with a Japanese author.
8. I like spicy food.
9. As long as I wake up to light I am.
10. Maybe some sort of a fish? I have the memory of a goldfish and am floaty.
  • Listening to: Mainly Akeboshi
  • Reading: Comics and books
  • Playing: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Persona 4
  • Drinking: Tea. I love tea. I live for tea.

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